Wednesday, 8 February 2017

WWII Canadians 28mm

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Marines Of the Guard WIP

Some wip photos for a customer of marines of the guard. Not sure the manufacturer. Minifigs? Perhaps. Showcase standard.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Peninsular War Blowout! Spanish and French.

Here we have the fully completed, minus some flags we're waiting on, battalions of Spanish and French. The Blue Spanish are Velencia, the French Light Infantry are the 28th and the French Line are the 1,2,3rd/63rd and the 1,2nd/45th.

 photo 2_zps0dd37bc6.jpg  photo 1_zps935983dc.jpg  photo 16_zps390fb857.jpg  photo 15_zpsc66d8983.jpg  photo 3_zpsb184604a.jpg  photo 4_zpsd0b8c576.jpg  photo 6_zpsb23bf385.jpg  photo 5_zps2536a5d5.jpg  photo 7_zpsf911636c.jpg  photo 8_zpscae18879.jpg  photo 9_zps5d4bf13c.jpg  photo 10_zps6a3f53ee.jpg  photo 11_zps557d65b7.jpg  photo 12_zps46190a00.jpg  photo 13_zpsb915056e.jpg  photo 14_zps1832b1fb.jpg

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Peninsular Spanish Infantry WIP

 photo 2_zps4ff823c1.jpg  photo 3_zps8f2b13af.jpg  photo 1_zpsb589d214.jpg
We're trying out some basing for the Napoleonic Peninsular War. We're thinking of going with Battalions of 24 figures on 4 bases with 2 skirmish bases. The Skirmish bases are the right size to screen the unit in line. Command bases are on circles. El Supremo in this photo might be brigade command. The infantry are based for 2cm frontage per figure and are deeper by an extra 2cm. This is to allow for better decorative basing. Battlefield debris etc. Also viewing the unit from above the extra 2cm will give the unit more mass.

The textured base photo shows the look we're going for.

More updates later.


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Musings from the paint desk 1

 photo Blogpics001_zps1c71c595.jpg

Hast thou any Bisto!

I just love this Spanish line nap from Blaze Away now sold by Lancaster Games. Very impressed with Lancaster Games service. My order arrived very quickly and I'm looking forward to a lovely charging Spanish battalion. Probably 4 bases of 8 figures and a few single skirmishers.

Keep Spanish eyes for future updates on this.

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