Thursday 7 August 2014

Peninsular Spanish Infantry WIP

 photo 2_zps4ff823c1.jpg  photo 3_zps8f2b13af.jpg  photo 1_zpsb589d214.jpg
We're trying out some basing for the Napoleonic Peninsular War. We're thinking of going with Battalions of 24 figures on 4 bases with 2 skirmish bases. The Skirmish bases are the right size to screen the unit in line. Command bases are on circles. El Supremo in this photo might be brigade command. The infantry are based for 2cm frontage per figure and are deeper by an extra 2cm. This is to allow for better decorative basing. Battlefield debris etc. Also viewing the unit from above the extra 2cm will give the unit more mass.

The textured base photo shows the look we're going for.

More updates later.


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